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My Background:

Greetings everyone!  Starting fall of 2009 I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  As of August 30th, Sunday, I will be living in a dorm on campus to continue my education.  My new major is, and has been since spring 2009:  Biology.  I have not decided on my minor, but it may be between criminal justice or computer science. 

Now to update my campus involvement while attending UW-Waukesha:

Welcome Week Committee
--first freshmen member

Student Government Association (SGA)
--public relations officer

Vote Coalition (through United Council)
--voter registration and educating students on the voting process

New Horizons
--member (adult students)

Activities Coordination Team (ACT)

United Council (UC)
--uw-waukesha representative

United States Student Association (USSA)
--uw-waukesha representative; lobby efforts

-Among many of the clubs I've assisted, I have held very successful bake sales and blood drives on campus-

Bake Sales purposes:
--Waukesha Christmas Council (& Penny Drive)
--Earth Day clean-up (New Horizon's)
--USSA LegCon

Worked in Student Development
--creating promotions
--monthly billboards: i.e. Black History Month, etc.
--assisted at events (aside from ACT events)
--copy girl; shred documents:

Semester/Term Goal:

My current goal while attending UW-Whitewater is to be super-focused on my education.  I will not get involved with any clubs for my first year. Between two classes alone I am taking 10 credits, so we will see how it goes.

"Love thy Self! For no one else can, until you do."

Peace, Love, and Respect!


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My Interests and Activities:

Bowling, Disc Golf, Snowboarding, Hiking, Walking, Listening to Music, Gaming (computer, console, card, etc.), Nintendo Wii, Playing Around Online, Social Networking, College, Business, a Career I will Enjoy 4life, Family, Animals, Picture Taking, Traveling, Trying out New Things, Mountain Dew, Watching Movies, Food, Playing in my Paint Shop Program and Animation, Testing and Using Free Web Hosts by Creating Websites, etc.

Overall, to lead a well balanced life and living out life to my highest potenial.




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