"Don't take things for granted, fore they may be gone tomorrow."

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Expressing my gratitude!

I want to thank Lynn Cook for mailing in a recommendation letter to my college for the possibility of being awarded a college scholarship.  The letter exceeded my expectations.  Also, for going out of your way trying to give me good direction as my manager.  I know at times I didn't seem grateful, and I know I slipped up a few times, but I like your tackfullness and structured ways. 

Thank you Cheyenne Snake for being my friend!  You've been there for me through a lot.  The good and the bad, and we've still managed to be friends with you leaving, and then coming back.  Your a great listener and a very loyal friend!  We all love you, and when you do return to the army, remember us!  Because we all will be thinking of you and your safe return home!

I want to thank my boyfriend, Patrick Konkel, for being supportive and assisting me with faxing over important documents to apply for a private student loan.  Someone so caring and loving, and has the 'been there before' insight on how it all works.  His constant support in improving my disc golf skill.  Also, knowledgeable in the process of getting a disc golf course design approved for on campus, he will provide me with the initial paperwork.

I want to thank my Dad for all his help as well!  Allowing me to use his computer to apply to scholarships all spring and summer.  Always feeding me before I go, and assisting in a finding a laptop for college, (which I have to pay for before I can use).

I want to thank Mike Wood and Barb Wood for allowing me to finish up with my HSED at their house rent free!  Without that opportunity, I don't think I ever would have taken the time to finish this important step to go to college.  Both of you have gone way out of your way to provide for me and help me along in life.  I will never forgot the holidays we spent together, you made me feel like family and the memories are forever!

I want to thank my aunt, Dana Pooler, for keeping me on track in my life and being supportive in the things I want to do in my life.  Never afraid to say what's on her mind, I think she is why I can be bruetally honest with people.

I want to thank Josh Pridemore for keeping me motivated on my memorization peice for my class!  (Which he memorized it first! *gasp*).  You really kept me on track, and thanks for all your hard work while we worked together at Sunset Bowl.  We really did make a good team, hopefully now that I'm gone, there is even more team work going on.

Thanks to Judy K. from the learning center at WCTC's Waukesha location for assisting in choosing the right path to complete my HS Diploma.  Also, for writing my 2nd recommendation letter to the UW-Waukesha Scholarship Application.  Judy, you've always been a sweet person, going out of your way to help others succeed in life!  (Judy retired May 2008).

And to all those people out there I've met through social networks with their words of encouragement and support, thank you so much!  Truly, what goes around does come back around.




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