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My Disc Golf Determination!

August 27, 2008

I plan to practice Disc Golf at minimal of once a week regardless of what else is going on in my life.  I will be extremely busy between homework, school clubs, and SGA.  Hopefully the disc gold club starts out smoothly and we can plan 1 or 2 outtings a week.

My goal is to practice at least 15 minutes every other day on my putting skills, inside or out for the next 60 days.  I will focus on a target, and keep tossing to that loacation until I'm satisfied before stepping back to make it more challenging. 

Next year I want to participate in my first disc golf tournament.  Even if I don't do well, I will finally have a feel for how the tournaments are ran for this type of sport.

I hope that by my 2nd year of playing, I can consistently have neg. scores.

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To Volleyball, or not to Volleyball... That is the question!

August 11, 2008

So if you don't know already, I'm considered a returning adult student due to my age.  (Which means I've been out of school for a long time!)  I'm currently not working so that I can stay in the "low-income" range to qualify for the Pell Grant next semester!  (Which also means I qualify for other grants too!) 

Because I am not working, I maxed out my credit load!  Now I know I will be very busy taking 18 credits, 9 classes.  I'm still greatly considering taking up Volleyball as well this year.  It will be something to keep me active, but will I be able to keep up with my studies and clubs I plan to participate in?

Taking up Volleyball will greatly cut into my study time, and well, I take the bus!  I need to evaluate whether or not adding Volleyball to my schedule will cause more stress. 

Why would it cause more stress instead of relieveing it?  Well, for one, I could easily fall behind on homework and study time.  2)  After practice I can still take the bus home, but after a game, I need to plan ahead of time to get home since I...


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